HOWL begins space. (Which was supposed to be “apace” but which is much more accurately space. Because apparently WDLR – When Dark Love Reigns – WILDER – the dark mystery field I wove with the chosen called a year ago was about TIME. (“It’s about time. It’s all about Time.”) and this is the White Field which is all about SPACE.

The field is already forming and swirling.

you have stumbled into Mine Field of Supermassive Synchronicities that was birthed over two weeks about a year ago when I delivered about 24 hours of live content over two weeks inside a hermetically sealed container called When Dark Love Reigns, and which was ripped open during a 4-hour livestream the day after Easter, called When Dark Love Reigns.

The field is back again. What you have stumbled on is nothing less than the search for the holy grail. The synchronicity codes and here are four massive then you could imagine..

It’s like … the secrets to the universe.

The White Mystery School is here. A new field.
An extremely intense and deep initiation for a select few who are being called and have been chosen to receive the White Codes and begin to weave the Waking Dream with me and Kerrie O'Connor, who will be the Mater/Master Weavers.

This is part two of the container I led last year called When Dark Love Reigns, and just as we did then, we will be bending, splitting and weaving timelines, ripping open the fabric of (3D) reality and puncturing the Singularity to Flood the System with White Codes.

We will be working directly with the White Council.

This will be a SuperMassive Synchronicity Spiral the likes of which we have never seen. I hardly slept for two weeks as I wove the synchronicities from morning to night and then delivered around 24 hours of live transmissions over a two-week period.

We raided world myths, stripped them of their energetic inaccuracies and encoded them with the New White Hot Truth so they could participate in holding the energetic patterning of the Blacklight Grid on which the Quantum Body and the Waking Dream are to be/is being/will be woven.

We traveled to (mythical) lands and into dreamspace and dimensions and across universes and timelines and wove new ones into being each night.

And we will do so again.

This time with far greater reach into the white field because of the work of dismantling and harrowing and fulminating the planes and grids and fields that the CRONE CODE activated in its divine purpose I’ve this past year.

This is THE Quest of Consciousness, and it requires a very specific gathering of human fields to stream through, who are already hosting codes **specifically** and **only** received in that hermetically sealed container last year and of which they have NO IDEA of their significance and power. But they will. If they answer the call.

I am keeping The List and will reveal it soon.

Several of you already know who you are.

So gather your resources.

You have been preparing for
this moment your entire life.

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